A one hour documentary, in both English and Spanish, that captures the magnificent story of the Cloister of the Ancient Spanish Monastery, a perfect example of 12th Century architecture located in 21th Century, North Miami, Florida. How does this building from the 12th Century stands in South Florida if the American continent was not discovered until the 15th Century?

This documentary, will trace the Ancient Spanish Monastery’s rich history, painstaking restoration and its invaluable significance not only to the South Florida community, but to our nation and the whole world. It is an important historic monument, whose story has to be narrated to our people and to our national and international visitors.

The story around this building includes: kings (Alphonso VII & Alphonso VIII of Spain), churches (monasteries), its’ community, and the ambition of one man who brought the building stone by stone from Spain to America, Mr. William Randolph Hearst. Arthur Bynes was the man who found the Monastery and sold it to Hearst. Once in New York, the building was forgotten for 25 years in one of Hearst’s warehouses until it was bought and put together by Florida developers who wanted it as a tourist attraction. Due to the fact that the blue prints of the old Monastery were lost, 11,000 boxes of stones were assembled by Allen Carswell who had knowledge of medieval times’ construction. The developers failed in their purpose of making the structure a tourist attraction. In 1962, the Episcopal Church intervenes and buys the building to give it the spiritual place that it deserved. However, in 1964, they could not afford the expenses of the property anymore and were forced to close the doors. At this time, a retired Colonel and member of the parish bought the mortgage, fixed the building, and donated it to the Episcopal Church.

To help us embrace the story, we have a dedicated group of professionals that will share their knowledge with us; Rev. Fox, Director of the Monastery; Lili Arger, tour guide of the Monastery; Fernando Granado, Medieval Times Historian; Antolin Carbonel, Architect; Father Francis from the Cistercian Order of The Monastery of The Holy Spirit, Georgia; Hoyt Fields, Director of Hearst Castle in San Simmeon, California; and Jose Miguel Merino de Cáceres, Architect, Historian and Restorer from Madrid University, Spain. The Ancient Spanish Monastery is a topic of great interest to viewers; therefore, to produce a film that is entertaining, cultural, and informative, using the tools of good pacing, clear writing, and crisp editing, will make this project not only attractive to our local viewers, but also attractive to our national audience.



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